Here at Bacio Slalon, we provide a variety of services to fit our customers’ needs. Below is a brief overview of what we offer as a salon.

                                                                           * If you would like more information about a specific service, please check the price list under your preferred stylist.*


   *Please note*

  1.  All services are a la carte.
  2. Color services at Bacio Salon do not automatically include a Blow Dry. If you would like a Blow Dry with your color service, please let reception know when scheduling your appointment. ? For your convenience, we have a complimentary Self Styling Station available to you with all of our products and tools.
  3. We require an in-person consultation for bleach retouches, color corrections and fashion colors. Please speak with reception about booking your required services.


 Ask your stylist which treatment is best for you!


Agave Smoothing Treatment

 Agave Smoothing Treatment is an in-salon smoothing service that helps maintain your natural texture, while reducing your frizz. Meeting OSHA and FDA standards, Agave Smoothing is one of the safest treatments available in salons today.
Made up of Carbo Cysteine, Agave Smoothing gently alters the hair’s disulfide bonds, reforming them to make the hair sleek and shiny.

 Brazilian Blowout 

Through the use of breakthrough bonding technologies, these customizable smoothing treatments actually improve the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle.


Balayage Highlights

Balayage is a highlight technique that is used to give you naturally lived in highlights. Our stylist use the Sunlight Balayage products, to help you achieve your dream hair. They have been trained by a Sunlights educator, and work very hard to master their craft.


B3 Treatment

All hair is made up of proteins such as lipids, keratin, and amino acid bonds. When we have any chemical service, such as color/bleach applied to the hair, these bonds open to lift the hair pigment to the desired result. When the bonds open, this gives opportunity for potential damage to occur. The B3 treatment is a Brazilian Bond Builder, which helps condition and protect your hair through the color/bleach process. The B3 treatment is applied into your color/bleach and applied directly to the hair. This way you do not need to spend any extra time in the chair.

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