Yvette Cannas, Owner

After 28 years working with exclusive clients at top salons in Canada, Italy, and the US…

Yvette Cannas, the owner of Bacio-Salon serves Raleigh’s most discriminating clientele.

Yvette has the depth and breadth of experience that has landed her on television, in magazines, and at awards ceremonies….and now her and her team are just steps away!

  • Graduated from the prestigious Vidal Sassoon London England
  • Award winning Hair Color Technician. If a haircolor is technically acheivable, I am confident
    that I can do it.
  • Previously a platform artist for L’Oréal, Goldwell, Aveda and Zoto's
  • Worked internationally in England, New York, Greenwich, Toronto and Italy
  • I believe in sharing my experience with my staff.
  • I teach and mentor all the staff at Bacio-Salon to ensure a perfect experience and excellent results.

“I’m passionate about hair and aboslutely love what I do! My expertise in hair color allows me to give straight answers about color maintenance and hair expectations. I’m fluent in many hair color lines — such as Goldwell, Schwartzkof, L’Oréal, Davines, and Wella — which helps me translate and understand formulas and reproduce previous treatments for my clients. I’m so proud our team here in Raleigh, I’ve mentored them all and we take pride in creating the best style & cut for every one that walks in our door.”

Yvette Cannas Portfolio

All About Yvette Cannas

What are you most grateful for in your life?

I am so grateful for my kids. I take being a mom seriously and I try and take advantage of every opportunity to teach them to be loving, honorable, young men.. Right now we are working on meaning what you say. At any time I can ask either one of my boys 'What kind of man are you?' and they will respond 'I am the man that keeps his word'. I have a strong spiritual practice that guides me. It's important to set an example of kindness, compassion and integrity.

I am also grateful for the gift of creativity. I thank God that I am really good at something that lights me up! I am grateful to have joy and laughter and creativity while I earn a living!

What were the most joyous, fulfilling times of your life?

Too many to name... I feel like I have had a charmed life with lots of adventures! Living in Italy on the coast of Sardinia was a wonderful experience. I always wanted to learn a language so I got the opportunity living there.

I volunteer in hospice at the VA, there is nothing more rewarding than giving service to those in need.

I was in a wedding in central Cuba. I swam with sharks in Hawaii. Drank Port in Portugal and danced the night away in Greece. I love the taste of life!

What was the biggest adventure in your life so far?

I believe that when life gives you opportunities then just say yes! Even when you don't know where it leads. I met a girl in Cuba that called me out of the blue and asked me to come to her wedding. At that time there were few tourists travelling to Cuba and for me to get the chance to go to a remote area and participate in the celebration and the culture was one of the richest experiences of my life. I am glad I said YES!

What is your favorite type of music?

Italian. When I lived in Italy the music on the radio was always so beautiful, hip, poetic... I love to listen to satellite Italian radio. Somehow the process of translating Italian into English is always very emotional! The words they use are always full of feeling. So romantic! Of course there is always Salsa!! That music touches my lifts my soul.

What is your secret obsession?

Salsa dancing! I danced for years in Canada, New York, and Italy. Dancing is how I stay fit and meet interesting people of all cultures. Diversity makes life rich!