Anna Hipps, Stylist

Board Certified Master Colorist, Bridal / Wedding stylist, All smoothing treatments, Brazilian Blowout Certified

Anna Hipps

Anna has been working for Bacio-Salon team for 5 years. She is gentle, quiet and highly skilled.

Her passion is hair color. This year she became a Board Certified Hair Colorist which is a huge achievement. When it comes to color there is nothing she can't handle.

Anna loves braids, up-do's and any special event styling. Her blow-drys last for days.

Anna loves to make frizzy hair silky smooth and has the patience and stamina to execute any Smoothing Treatment to perfection,

She gives the best shampoos!

“ I loved growing up in a small town in Southeastern North Carolina but now I am living my dream as a hairstylist here in Raleigh. I dedicated most of last year to intense training and the science of hair coloring to become an American Board Certified Hair Colorist. I am a perfectionist and won't stop until I get it right. I love to look at my work and get excited about beautiful results. ”

* Anna has a one week on and one week off schedule as of January 2019 as she now lives in Asheville

Anna Hipps Portfolio

Hair - Anna Hipps Makeup - Yvette Cannas Face - Kendall Michaels Photo -Kaitlyn Barlow Hair - Anna Hipps Makeup - Yvette Cannas Face - Kendall Michaels Photo -Kaitlyn Barlow Hair - Anna Hipps Makeup - Yvette Cannas Face - Kendall Michaels Photo -Kaitlyn Barlow

All About Anna Hipps

Your Hometown

Tabor City, NC

Your Life-Passion

From a very early age I knew I awanted to be a hair dresser. Not just any hair dresser but the best. Through hard work, focus and determination I am finally at a place where I am at a place that I am confident about the quality results I can deliver to my clients. I am always excited to experiment with new products and techiques.

What is your secret obsession?

I am an open book.

What is your favorite Oribe product

Dry Texture Spray! One is sold every three minutes in the United States because there is nothing more effective at creating instant volume and texture. It is the perfect prep for any kind of back combing techniques. It completely takes the slip and softness off of fine limp hair.

Acadmies / Education / Certification

Oribe styling class - Adam Livermore, Womens cutting class - Soren, Mens and Womens cutting class - Britt Gyger, Oribe Master Class in Atlanta, American Board Certified Colorist

What people may not know about me?

I have two sisters who are 8-10 years older than me. They are also my best friends.

What are you most grateful for in your life?

My two Nephews, Ian and Aiden. They both teach me the meaning of true love every time I hug them.

My Favorite type of music?

Country, of course. Miranda Lambert and Johnny Cash are my idols!

Give one word that describes you and tell why?

Geniune. I think life is way to precious to waste it not being true to one another. Life is so interesting everyone has such different stories. I love having the opportunity to build authentic relationships with all of my clients.